The RCI recognition program honors affiliated properties consistently offering superior holiday experiences. To receive an RCI Gold Crown Resort or RCI Silver Crown Resort award, established standards have to be met based on comments and scores from Members’ experiences.

After their visit, each member rate their experience through questionnaires and make a big contribution towards recognizing resort quality. Many areas of resort operation are rated, including check-in/check-out, hospitality and guest service, resort maintenance, unit features, maintenance and housekeeping, and on-site amenities.

A select number of RCI-affiliated resorts meet RCI’s requirements for recognition and earn the RCI Gold Crown Resort® award each year. These resorts have attained high levels of excellence in resort accommodations, hospitality, and member experience ratings as measured by RCI. It makes us so proud to be part of that select group of resorts.

This is the 5 th consecutive year in which we are honored with this recognition that rewards quality excellence; at Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa we pay special attention to all the details that come with the experience of our guests and is reflected in this recognition that is the result of the ratings and satisfactory comments from customers.

There’s nothing left to say but thank you to all our clients for their comments and the feedback they offer us after their visit. Without them, achieving and fulfilling these types of goals would not be possible for Marina Fiesta. THANK YOU!